Repair of household appliancies

We repair wash machines, ovens, refrigerators, air conditions, irons and any other home appliance.

New spare parts for home appliancies

Great offers in brand new spare parts for home appliancies. We guarantee for our products and we offer our services at your place.

Used home appliancies

We offer used home appliancies in perfect condition in very low prices.

About us

For a long time we are at the top of our field. We repair home appliancies and we sell new and used products. We have a lot of customers that prefer our services in daily basis and we always leave them satisfied. Many years of experience and specified knowledge guarantee for the results of our work.


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We repair wash machines, irons, refrigerators, ovens and any other electrical device of your home that has stopped working.
We offer you variety of spare parts for your electrical devices in very low prices. We also undertake the placement of the parts in your household appliancies.
Beside spare parts, in our shop you can find many used products at the best market prices.
We sell new air conditioners and water heaters of latest technology, always in low prices. We undertake the placement of the products and we guarantee for their proper function.
Our shop guarantees for the proper function of our products. In case of unreasonable failure we repair the product instantly for free!

Do you have electrical household appliancies that fail to function?

Call us and we will come to your place to fix them!